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    Humor : Roses are red, Violets are too, the grass is red, I set your garden on fire
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    Humor : A storm trooper and a redshirt got into a fight. The stormtrooper missed, but the redshirt died anyways.
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    Humor : Two doses of insanity a day, keeps the psychiatrist away...
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    Humor : One day, a man went out hunting. He saw that it was starting to overcast, and he decided to head home. On the way back, he saw three lonely, cold frogs on a log, trying to stay warm. He invited them to come with him, warmly saying, 'Come with me; I have a cozy cabin for you to stay.' The frogs agreed, and they went with him. Later that night, the man took the frogs up to his bathroom. He placed the first frog in the bathtub filled with water, saying, 'Here is a place for you.' The frog said, 'Thank you!' He placed the second frog in the sink, filled with water, and said, 'Here is a place for you.' And the frog said, 'Thank you!' And he placed the third frog in the toilet, saying, 'And finally, a place for you.' And the frog said, 'Thank you!'--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The next day, the man came inside of the bathroom, and asked the first frog, 'How was your night?' And the frog said, 'Good!' and he let the frog go. He went to the second frog, and asked, 'How was your night?' And the frog said, 'Good!' And the hunter let the frog go. And finally, he came to the third frog, and asked, 'How was your night?' And the frog said, 'Ooh!! It was horrible!! There was stinky thunder, rain, then the sky cracked open and a log fell on my head!!'
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George the Fedora

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