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On my ship, where else?
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To use Rox's theme song video idea:

In alphabetical order! (Yes, my mind is that organized, is that bad?)

Count Zebra: Loves the Razz emoticon.

Crooked Chicken: HE MUST HAVE SUGAR!!!!! ULTIMATE HYPER (CB reference!)

Uncooked Chicken: His motto should be: "Closing the gap between myself and the epitome of insanity since late 2009!"

If you're not on this list it's because I don't know you that well. That said: Send me visitor messages. NOW (Or you will be engulfed in a whirlwind of snow).
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The Brick o' Freedom
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Definately NOT plundering ships carrying gold to Europe. *nervous whistling*
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What if I were to parody a Weird al Yankovic song?

Rank: News Reporter for Customization of Minifigs
News Reporter for Customization of Minifigs
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