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Post by Lone-Star on Wed Jul 15, 2015 8:50 pm

I'm surprised nobody has posted anything about this yet. Shocked 

I know it's not the #1 best Disney/Pixar film, but come on, guys, it was still a great movie!

My thoughts:


There weren't any major cons with the movie, IMO. Obviously, as a Christian, I wish there would have been positive references to God (since one's religion is often intricately connected with personality and emotions), but even though Disney's pretty family friendly, they're still secular, so I can't really expect much religious content. :/

For the most part, very family-friendly and family-oriented. Loveable/comical characters, good plot, many emotional moments, etc. All in all another great film from Disney/Pixar. Like I said, not their best, but hardly their worst. I want it in my DVD library when it comes out on DVD. Wink
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Post by The Cracken on Thu Jul 16, 2015 12:33 am

I saw it a few weeks ago, I think it's one of Pixar's best works ever. Razz Everything played out in a way I didn't expect but made so much sense regardless. The soundtrack is very different from what Pixar typically uses, it's really unique (and the main Imaj7 - bVIImaj7 motif had me tearing up instantly because... I like chords xD).

Maybe I give it a higher rating just for the subject material. Razz I love the fact that they dove into the whole idea of how emotions (even ones we perceive to be negative) work and function together, it's something that interests me and I think they did a great job playing it all out. Razz

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Post by Bone-Appeteet on Fri Jul 17, 2015 7:36 am

@ Scare

I wouldn't want Disney to put religious stuff in there. You don't know what religion/religious stuff they'll put in there. Plus they'd probably get a lot of stuff wrong about whatever religion they do put in. Razz


I haven't seen it. My mom is strongly opposed to it because of the trailer. She says it's weird.
Like there are voices in your head. Razz

(I don't think she gets it. I wouldn't know, though, so I can't laugh too much.)
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Post by Ariklego on Sun Dec 13, 2015 12:51 pm

I'm digging up an old topic, sorry. Razz But I just saw this one the other day and thought I'd give it my critique.

Honestly, I really loved it. Razz From the trailer I expected it to be an overall "ehh" movie, probably with lots of humanistic viewpoints on the functionality of peoples' emotions. Which I dunno if I'd say it wasn't, but the overall way that they presented it still turned out in a way that I was quite happy with. So that has me pretty impressed. Razz

There were a few parts of the plot that were (to me anyway) sort of obvious, but it still managed to keep me guessing for a lot of it.

And there were also several parts that I thought were absolutely hilarious. XD In particular all the parts where it showed other peoples' minds, like Riley's parents and the one boy near the end of the movie. And while this is just me, Sadness reminded me on more than one occasion of this one girl in my college graphic design class.

Anyway, just my disjointed thoughts.
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