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Disney's Tomorrowland Reviews

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Disney's Tomorrowland Reviews

Post by KaijuToonami on Sat May 23, 2015 8:53 am

I just went and saw Tomorrowland last night!!! I think it was good.

Here are my reviews to this film. (Do not read unless you have seen the film!!! There are so much spoilers in my review.)

My Tomorrowland Reviews:

Great Special Effects, Great Humor, and Great Actors. It even has a lesson taught that dreamers can change the future. Great for both Child and Adult audiences!!

They would have done better if they gave some more backstories on why Tomorrowland was deserted and empty or also give a backstory on how Tomorrowland even existed.

From scale one to ten:

I am giving it 8/10

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Re: Disney's Tomorrowland Reviews

Post by Lone-Star on Fri Oct 16, 2015 7:26 pm

Saw Tomorrowland on a Redbox rental the other night.

Overall impression: Meh. Not Bleh, but Meh. Razz


The film did not have much--if any--immodesty. It was a very child-friendly film in that it had no sexual content. Some of the humor was quite well-done, and of course the special effects were incredible. Loved the performance of the little British android girl. I usually like British actors and actresses. Razz

Aside from occasional and mild swearing and the cocky, know-it-all behavior of the heroine (a type of personality I usually find obnoxious in girls, or anybody for that matter), I believe the main problem with Tomorrowland lay in 1) its assumptions about environmental disaster, and 2) its grotesque super-optimism. I could get rather animated in a discussion about the political implications of the film, but I do not want to spark a debate.

First, Tomorrowland, like most media--news, entertainment, or otherwise--assumes that our world is going to have a meltdown. Global warming is frying us. The ice caps are melting. Half the world's land masses will disappear underwater before 2050. Et cetera. Of course, most environmentalists do not admit certain things about their doomsday prophecies--like that global warming and global cooling are cycles that occur throughout history and not necessarily end-of-the-world disasters--so I suppose I shouldn't expect anything different.

Second, Tomorrowland espouses a kind of smarmy, hippie-styled optimism that says, in so many words, "If we all just love each other, get really smart degrees in college, work together, and pretend that everybody's good and sweet and willing to cooperate, then we can save the planet, banish hunger, and essentially form a governmentless society where everyone's happy, healthy, and wealthy." Don't get me wrong: I'm not denying that people can change courses of events for the better. But it's one thing to be hopeful--an attitude that realizes the obstacles and probabilities but still tries to change things. It's another thing to be optimistic--an attitude that denies realism and ruins a lot of people's perspectives of the real world.

Over all, I give Tomorrowland 3 stars.
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