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MMO city

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MMO city

Post by Gravity Rush on Tue Apr 16, 2013 2:06 am

OK everyone here could probably name off at least 1 Massively Multilayer Online game. my questions are:

1. What MMO's do you play?
2. Which is your Favorite
3. How long have you been playing it
4. would you recommend it to forum users?
5. is it Subscription only, Free to play?

for me i would say
1. EVE online, Terra, Warframe, DayZ, aaaaaaand PlanetSide 2
2. EVE online hands down.
3. about 7 months
4.heck yes
5. its subscription based, but if you work hard enough you can actually pay your subscription fee with in game money. My Corporation(basically guild) CEO has four accounts and doesn't pay for any of them with actual money, only in game money.

Gravity Rush
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Phase 2 Assimilation

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