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Joke Topic

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Joke Topic

Post by Julias Caeser on Fri Nov 23, 2012 10:36 am

I see we don't really have a full out Joke topic so... Here it is! Razz Just post some good jokes that you know, and keep them clean.
Here are some to start things off:

Joke 1: A little boy was being very bad that day, and was locked in his room for a punishment.
Well, he was feeling very mischievous, so he tried his best to pick the lock. After several minutes, he succeeded. He burst out of his room, shouting, "I'm free, I'm free!". His sister was sitting in the hall playing at the time, and she turned to him and said, "Oh thats nothing, I'm four."

Joke 2: A ship had crashed on a dessert island, and the survivors had been stranded for days, and they were out of food and water, survival looking slim. One young man got on his knees, looked up at the sky and said, "God, i know i have not been the most faithful guy in the world. Done my fair share of bad things in my life. But I promise, if you get me and my friends off this island, that i will never again-" Right at that moment, a fellow survivor ran up and shouted, "Hold on man, don't commit to anything yet, we see a rescue ship!"

Joke 3: A young man was going sky diving for the first time, and he was very nervous. He was starting to have second thoughts, and was worried about what would happen if the parachute did not work right. He turned to the flight instructor and said, "Hey, what happens if the parachute malfunctions?"
The instructor replied, "Oh don't worry, if it does not work, just take it to the front office after you jump, you can get a new one."
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