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Lieutenant Commander Torq - PCG

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Lieutenant Commander Torq - PCG

Post by The Cracken on Wed Aug 08, 2012 12:10 am


Name: Jacen Torq
Age: 20
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Division: Phoenix Command Group - Space Defense Unit

Lt. Cmdr. Torq joined the PCG at 18, and quickly worked his way up to his current rank through his tactical genius and engineering feats. He met Johnnyred during one of his early missions, and the two struck up a friendship. Torq has been to Adventure Comix Studios, and it is rumored that he will appear in a future chapter.

Torq commands a fleet wing, made up of several ships and their various escorts. Primarily, Torq commands his heavily-modified flagship, The Nebula. It's a Cosmo-class starship (think the Republic Star Destroyers from SW) with a crew of approximately 200 people, 6 hanger bays, torpedo launchers, phaser cannons, a cloaking device, and deflector shields. It has a Warp speed of 9. He can often be found in the main control center, working on blueprints for various projects.

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Re: Lieutenant Commander Torq - PCG

Post by dino27 on Wed Aug 08, 2012 10:04 am

So far, so awesome! I look forward to more! Very Happy
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